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This workshop explored the different parts of attention and their impact on learning. Participants learned strategies for helping children manage the different parts of Attention.
Thank you to all the facilitators, parents, caregivers and teachers who made this workshop a success!

Fantastic to know that the British School teachers have exposure to these concepts/ideas to give our children the opportunity to be their best. THANK YOU!! The opportunity to meet other parents for discussion was great! Thank you for your efforts!
– Parent Comment

The wealth of interesting material makes it difficult to give an instant feedback. I feel I need to go away and reflect on what has been discussed. Thanks for a well prepared workshop. I am looking forward to your next one with great enthusiasm.
– Parent Comment

Good to know about structure and knowledge teachers have. Nice to share strategies with others.” -Parent Comment

I liked that there were different strategies that I can use for all three of my children (11, 9, 6 years)!!” – Parent Comment