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General Information

The school year commences in late August and concludes in the last week of June. It is divided into three terms, with a holiday of two weeks in October, December and March/April. There is one week break in February.

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Swimming, ice-skating, skiing and regular physical education lessons form an important and regular part of the curriculum, promoting life long physical fitness. All students participate in gym lessons and enjoy swimming once a week from March to October and ice-skating from November to February. Students may also participate in ski days in February and March where they are taught by fully qualified instructors. In the spring, students may join in the Bern Grand Prix running event.


There are a variety of extra-curricular activities for students to participate in out of school times. More information on the following activities is available from the school.

Activities include things such as:
• Choir (from year 2 onwards)
• Keyboard lessons
• Beginner’s French lessons
• Art Workshops at the Kunst Museum in Bern


Throughout the school year teachers plan learning experiences for their students which involve trips away from the school. As each field trip away from the school is planned, teachers will inform parents of the nature, purpose and destination of the excursion, usually in the form of a written note. Parents must provide written consent for their child to take part in each planned field trip. There will be a slip at the end of each note for parents to sign and return to school, giving permission for their child to participate in a field trip. If for some reason you do not wish your child to participate in a field trip you must let the school know in writing and keep your child at home that day.
Day excursions are made to places of interest such as the Olympic Museum in Lausanne, significant historical sites, Basel Zoo, local museums, etc.
An outdoor pursuit trip is arranged for the older students in June.
In school visits will also be organized by teachers who invite special visitors to come and visit the school, such as dental hygienists, a nurse, an author, an artist, etc..


The school aims to foster friendly contact with other international schools joining in shared activities such as music, drama and sports events.

The school participates in local events and customs including theatrical shows, candle making, Fasnacht Carnival, and the traditional Bern Onion Market. The students learn about and experience various aspects of Swiss life and culture.


Parents are encouraged to join the Parent Group, participate in the life of the school and maintain regular contact with the Head Teacher and staff. A separate booklet, ‘Handbook For Parents’ containing information on daily routines and other useful information can be obtained from the school.

Any parent can go along to the monthly meetings to discuss ways in which to support the teachers and children in the school. Activities have included an international meal and auction, Christmas charity sale, training children for the Bern Grand Prix Running Race and swimming gala.


In 2008, The British School celebrated it’s 20th Anniversary! To see our 20 years booklet made by former students, staff and families click here: 20yrs. booklet