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Admission Policies

Admission Policies


Admission is open to all children regardless of nationality, race, religion or family background. Applicants are required to submit:

o an application form with a recent photo of the student
o copy of passport
o reports from previous school
o vaccination certificate

Applicants shall be accepted for admission once all forms are reviewed by the school. Once the application has been reviewed and accepted you will receive a letter of confirmation as well as the invoice for the registration fee. The student’s application will be processed once the registration fee has been received.

Applicants shall be accepted for admission unless there is a reason to believe that admission is not in the best interest of the student or the school. Parents will be contacted by the school.


New students will be placed in the year appropriate to their age. If students are not academically prepared to enter the appropriate year for their age, then entry to an earlier grade can be offered. Only in certain circumstances can a student enter a year higher than that appropriate to the student’s age. While parental input is an important part of the process, the decision of the school is final.


Pre School
Children must be 3 years of age as of August 31st. If your child turns 3 during the school year, they may join at the beginning of a new school term. (e.g: Child turns 3 in March, they may join the Pre School in Term 3). We require all children to be toilet trained. Children can attend Pre School Monday to Thursday.

The following are the age requirements for student placement from Pre School onwards. All students must be the appropriate age by August 31st.










To view a pdf of the above, please click here: Admission Policies