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I Once Knew a Dog
I once knew a dog,
Who was very sweet,
Though she ran around,
Her fur remained neat.

She was small and black,
No skill did she lack,
Running, barking happily,
Chasing her wagging tail joyfully.

I once knew a dog,
Who accompanied us,
To the skating rink,
In the bus.

She was marvellous,
She was a treasure;
Beyond measure.
She stole the hearts,
Of children and adults alike,
And made them think,
Positive all the while.

She was a hero,
And loved to play games,
She was very cute,
Mattie Potts was her name.

At Halloween,
She’d be dressed up,
And she was so mature,
I half expected her to drink out of a cup.

Mattie was an amazing dog,
Her spirit shall always be admired,
By her, The British School and I,
Shall always remain inspired.

While in class,
She used to take a nap,
And always stayed,
In your lap.

And when you woke her up,
She would sigh,
And you would leave the class,
Saying ‘Goodbye’

At break times,
You would sometimes go out,
With Mattie on the leash,
And walk about.

When Max was around,
She get really excited,
And run to the playground.

When I was seven,
I used to look at Mattie’s shiny, glossy fur,
And often wish,
That I could always pat her
When I could,
I used to enjoy it,
Thinking that Mattie,
Loved every single bit!

I always used to think,
And wonder if,
The British School was a body,
Which part would be which?

If the teachers were the brains,
And the children the body,
Where could Mattie fit?
Where would she go?

I figured out,
That the best part,
For our Mattie,
Would be the heart!

Mattie made me learn,
That all dogs,
Are not big, fat,
Wicked hogs.

They can be gentle,
They can be nice,
And they do NOT,
Chase mice!

I once knew a dog,
Who played an important part,
In the school children’s lives,
And their hearts.

May the world remember her,
As the cheerful dog she was,
And even now,
I lament her loss.

I once knew a dog,
Who lives no more,
But she’ll stay in my heart,
Of that you can be sure.
I once knew a dog,
Who was divine,
And I loved her,
As if she was mine.

Let the world know,
That Mattie still lives,
In our hearts,
As a dog we miss.

I once knew a dog,
And I’ll always regret,
That I couldn’t say ‘Goodbye’
But I’ll never forget.

All the blissful times
With Mattie,
In the British School,
Where I was happy.

I once knew a dog,
Called Mattie Potts,
And she’ll live forever,
In my thoughts.

And I can’t stand the thought,
That she’s really gone,
Like a fire put out,
That once shone.

I once knew a dog,
Who was everyone’s friend,
Now my tribute’s over,
It’s The End

By Tanisha Singh
15th November 2012
To: Mrs Potts