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The British School

The British School of Bern is an English-speaking, International day school established in 1988. It is for pupils of all nationalities from the ages of three to twelve years.


The British School aims to provide a high quality programme for children of all abilities that promotes the social, emotional, cognitive, moral, physical and aesthetic development of each child.


The British School is dedicated to educate the mind, body and social well being of each child with special emphasis on self worth and respect shown for life. We stress acceptance of differences; we emphasize cooperation with, and concern for, others; and we practice a sense of commitment toward the larger community. Above all, we prize the unique worth of each individual.
We seek to provide a challenging curriculum with flexibility to meet the needs of each student. We believe that to be effective, schooling must be founded on secure mastery of basic skills, taught not only in isolation but also in integration with one another and with real life situations. We place strong emphasis on reading, personal expression of ideas through speaking and writing, and mastery of computational and problem solving skills. We also encourage scientific discovery, artistic creativity and physical fitness. In every area we encourage independent thinking and judgments balanced by receptivity to the ideas of others.
Our school atmosphere is informal and friendly. We welcome parent volunteers, community resources and agencies into the school to assist us in the delivery of a comprehensive and stimulating educational programme. Although styles of teaching vary, we recognize and respect different learning styles and are united in our commitment to each child. Our staff are excited about education and are constantly learning and growing. They show children a caring community by working together and respecting one another.
We believe in every individual and hope to nurture well-rounded, self-respecting, friendly children.